Tadpoles at Cheeky Cherubs


Tadpoles at Cheeky CherubsTadpoles is for children aged from birth until they are confidently mobile – at around 18 months old. Tadpoles have their own room in the nursery.

The focus in the tadpoles room is on building secure relationships and attachments within their key families. The age and developmentally appropriate resources stimulate and enhance children’s natural curiosity and develop their sensory skills and awareness. Tadpoles also spend time in the nursery garden and have the chance to participate in excursions to local places of interest including the college farm.

The Cheeky Cherubs baby room has a designated sleeping area, a snug and a feeding area – you can read more about the baby room on our rooms page.

Tadpoles at Cheeky CherubsFor Babies

Please provide enough daily milk feeds for your baby. We have also found it helpful to provide a long dated carton of formula to keep as a back up as required.

As babies begin weaning we will ensure this is fully catered for. All feeding utensils are sterilised for babies aged less than 12 months of age.

Tadpoles for 0-mobile
Frogs for mobile - 3
Newts for pre-school aged children