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Cheeky Cherubs Day Nursery Privacy Notice

Here at Cheeky Cherubs Nursery we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to manage your account and provide tailored care to your child.

We will comply with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) and any subsequent legislation on information handling and privacy. We will do this through Cheeky Cherubs Nursery’s Data Protection Policy.

We will only collect information that is necessary for what we do. We will tell you what we intend to do with the information about you. Where possible, we will collect information directly from you.

Here at Cheeky Cherubs from time to time we will need to contact you, via telephone conversation or text messages, email and the 2 build a profile app which nursery use for our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) document where we make our observations and make links to the EYFS, these observations are made on Ipads and then sent to individual parents every 6 weeks for parents to view what their child has been doing at nursery. We provide you with nursery updates, share relevant information and send childcare invoices.

Information and Security

We will make sure that the information about you is accurate and up to date. You can help us with this by keeping us informed of any changes to the information that we hold on you. We will keep information about you and your child secure. All information collected on paper forms is kept locked away. All computers and tablets used are password protected. We will hold information about you and your child only for as long as the law says. After this, we will dispose of it safely. We will tell you what kind of information we hold and what we do with it. Whenever you would like to see the information that we keep you will have the right to do so. All paperwork regarding your child is stored in the nursery office in a locked filing cabinet. Your child’s full name and date of birth is printed on our daily registers. The registers are stored in the nursery office when not in use. When the office is not in use then the office door is locked. Cheeky Cherubs has two computers in the office which are used by management and admin. Both computers have passwords to log on to. In the nursery practitioners have access to Ipads which are used to make observations. All Ipads have passwords so only staff have access to them. Emails are sent out on the office computers. Cheeky Cherubs takes photos of your child for use in their learning journeys and to display around the setting. Photo’s may also be used for promotional material and Cheeky Cherubs Website, but permission is sought at home visits through our consent form.

Cheeky Cherubs refer to a document ‘retention periods for records’ to ensure we retain personal data records for the correct amount of time. When documents are longer needed and have been kept for the retention period they will be destroyed safely by shredding.

Sharing Information

As a Nursery it is necessary for us to collect personal information about you and your child. Sometimes we have to confirm or share information with other organisations. If we need to do this, we will make it clear to you on the forms you complete. We will inform you before sharing any of your or your child’s information.

The personal data held at Cheeky Cherubs is secure and only shared with third party such as another childcare setting, EYE claims, health visitor, safeguarding complaint, doctors or emergency services in the event of an emergency. Safeguarding concerns will be the only time permission may not be sought to speak to other agencies.

The Data we are required by law and as an OFSTED requirement to hold for each child is as follows:

  • Yourself and your child’s full name
  • Your home address
  • Your work address and telephone number
  • Your child’s date of birth
  • Yourself and your child’s religion and nationality
  • Your email address
  • Your contact numbers and addresses of your emergency contacts
  • Your child’s medical conditions
  • Your National Insurance number
  • Any court order information relating to yourself or your child
  • Birth Certificate of your child
  • Allergies/Dietary requirement information
  • Doctors and Health Visitor name, address and contact number

Whilst your child is with us we store information regarding:

  • Ongoing progress and development records
  • Photographs
  • Accident records
  • Medical records
  • Any relevant Safeguarding/Child Protection Information (including photos if necessary)

As well as personal information such as your child’s name, date of birth and address we also collect and hold data on your child’s characteristics such as their language and ethnicity, attendance information such as sessions attended, Medical information, assessment information and information regarding special educational needs.

We use the collected data:

  • To support your child’s learning and development
  • To monitor and report on your child’s progress
  • To assess the quality of our care
  • To comply with the law regarding data sharing
  • To comply with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (2017)

Under the data protection legislation, parents/carers have the right to request access to information held by Cheeky Cherubs and parents/carers can withdraw consent at any time (other than information needed by the law).

If you have a concern about how Cheeky Cherubs are collecting or storing personal data, we request that you raise your concern in the first instance with the nursery manager. Alternatively, you can contact the Information Commissioners Office at

Cheeky Cherubs also obtain and hold information on Staff, Volunteers and Students.

Cheeky Cherubs Employees

Employee’s personal details will be obtained and held in the nursery office in a locked filing cabinet. This will include full name, home address, contact numbers, date of birth, medical history, next of kin and emergency contacts.

References will be sought from two sources. A DBS check will also be sought.

Evidence of previous qualifications, if necessary will be asked.

Supervisions are stored in staff individual folders. Supervisions are held with individual staff every 8weeks to discuss training needs, performance on the nursery floor etc.


Those who wish to volunteer on a regular basis (regular constitutes attending once a fortnight) will be required to give personal information consisting of full name, address and contact number. A DBS check will be sought.


Here at Cheeky Cherubs we offer placements to students from different colleges for various childcare courses. We would gather details of the student’s full name, home address, next of kin, doctors contact details, and who we would contact in case of an emergency. Information on the type and base of course or college will be needed before any student will be given work placement to ensure that students are registered with an educational provider. DBS checks will be sought if applicant is aged 18 or over. Usually students have a DBS check through college which they bring with them on their induction day before they start their placement.

Grant Applications; Children’s names, dates of birth and post codes will be submitted to The entitlements team in County Hall Taunton in order to claim for Nursery Education Funding.

Personal Achievements; Staff (Key Persons) will collate information regarding observations made on individual children’s learning. This allows us to plan for their individual progression.

SENDco; at any time children may have a Special Educational Need. A separate record system is kept for the identification and monitoring of Special Educational Needs.

Child Protection; any issues relating to Child Protection will be recorded in a separate file. Information is given to those on a need to know basis only. The well-being and safety of the child is paramount.

Parent/carers; names, addresses and contact numbers are kept on children’s enrolment sheets.

Download a copy of this Privacy Notice (pdf)